See you in Budapest!

ISF and the Hungarian National Organizing Committee invite you to join us in Budapest, Hungary from 22 to 24 May 2017.


Jean-Christophe Gouache
President - International Seed Federation

Arpad Pavelka
Chair of the National Organizing Committee

It is my honor to invite you to the 68th ISF World Seed Congress 2017 that will take place in Budapest, Hungary.


Against the glittering backdrop of one of Europe’s most stunning cities, ISF will once again gather seed people from across globe to celebrate the successes and address the challenges facing our industry today.


Above all, this unique event is an opportunity for us to collaborate on our vision: “To create the best environment for the global movement of seed, and promote plant breeding and innovation in seed”.


Situated at the heart of Europe with a long-established tradition of seed production and trade, Hungary produces and exports seeds all over Europe from east to west, bridging trade and connecting cultures. When you come to Budapest in 2017, no doubt you’ll cross one of its eight bridges. When you do, you’ll be reminded of the symbolism of the 2017 Congress logo.


For me, the ISF World Seed Congress is a bridge that unites countries and cultures, connecting a cross-section of seed industry professionals at this annual occasion.


I sincerely hope that you’ll be among them and I look forward to welcoming you to the ISF World Seed Congress for another shared experience.


The International Seed Federation together with the Hungarian Seed Federation and Interprofessional Organization (VSZT) will host the ISF World Seed Congress 2017 in Budapest, Hungary.


Budapest, the ’pearl of the Danube’, is built on both banks of the river Danube (Buda and Pest) which are connected by eight bridges, the oldest and most famous of which is the Chain Bridge.


To illustrate the opportunities that the ISF World Seed Congress offers in terms of strengthening connections, we chose this iconic bridge as the symbol of this year’s Congress.


In the seed industry, it is important to identify these connections and to bridge the differences between East and West; tradition and innovation; local and global; modernisation and maintainability. The ISF World Seed Congress creates the context for exploring solutions.


Geographically and culturally Hungary is a connecting link between Eastern and Western Europe. With a 1100-year history and a unique language and culture, this is a country that integrates the values of east and west, and is skilled at creating connections.


Agriculturally, Hungary is a traditionally agrarian country with more than half of its total area as arable land. Thanks to its special climate and to the proficiency of Hungarian growers, there is a centuries-old tradition of seed production and export. In fact, the first European production of hybrid corn seed started in Hungary.


During your time in Budapest  you can marvel at the Art Nouveau-style architectural wonders and  immerse yourself in the cultural delights of Hungarian folk music and dance. I invite you to experience the warmth and hospitality of our nation and to sample Hungarian goulash (gulyás) and our famous fruit brandy (pálinka), as well as our fine wines.


Welcome to Budapest, the city that creates connections.