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“The International Movement of Seed – You can Make a Difference”


The international movement of seed including treated seed is becoming increasingly important to the seed industry for commercial seeds, as well as for seed production and new variety development.  At the same time, the phytosanitary requirements for international seed movement are becoming more challenging.


In March of 2017, the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) on Seed will be submitted to the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures for adoption.  If adopted, the ISPM on Seed will provide an opportunity for the industry to engage their National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPO) to discuss the different elements of this standard and the changes in the national phytosanitary requirements that may result from this standard.  Such effort has the potential to greatly improve the ability to move seed internationally.   If the ISPM on Seed is not adopted, the need for NPPOs to be engaged on these topics is even greater.


With Syngenta Seedcare as our main partner, this thematic day will provide the attendees with an understanding of the opportunities provided by the ISPM on Seed as well as the knowledge and materials to have effective conversations with their NPPOs about the ISPM on Seed. The workshop should be seen as a “train the trainer” effort, to be followed up by national/regional outreach efforts, especially in those countries where possibilities for better alignment of phytosanitary requirements with the new ISPM have been identified. The complex regulations on movement of treated seeds will also be a key topic.


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